Hello, how do you do? My name is Ingrid Piron and I am a freelance translator. I am pleased that you have chosen to come for a look at my website and what I have to offer you in the way of professional translating services. If you would like to have more information on my translating and editing services, please go to the ďwhat we do" and ďProjects done Ē links.


I am a native speaker of both English and Dutch: I was born, bred, went to school, university and worked in an English-speaking country until, about 15 years ago, my family (husband and three sons) came to Belgium, the country where my parents were born and from where they had emigrated a year before I came into existence.


I am qualified as a(n academic) language editor, have been editing, teaching and coaching English and have also been doing translations into English for about 20 years now, first at a university, then at a university in combination with private schools (preparing students for the British Council examinations) and, now, finally, as a freelance translator working for law firms, translation bureaus, environment agencies, companies and private individuals, both locally and abroad.


My husband is a qualified solicitor and also helps out with the legal translations and proofreading.



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